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1. Find a Representative
The knowledge and dedication of your real estate agent are crucial to the successful sale of your home. A good agent will ensure a smooth, successful and stress-free sale.

2. Determine your Selling Criteria
Not only do you have to worry about selling your home, but you also have to think about where you are looking to buy. Determining a selling price is also important, but accepting an offer slightly below your asking price often leads to a quick sale. Your knowledgeable agent will ensure you are satisfied with the result of the sale.
3. Prepare your Home for Showings
Homes that are not prepared for showings are one of the main reasons why people fail to sell their homes. We all know the saying: “first impressions last a lifetime”- the same thing goes for your home. If your home does not look its best, it will likely result in a sales disaster.
4. Know about the Local Market
Having knowledge about local market conditions is critical for a smooth sale. Being realistic to market conditions will position yourself favourably to sell your home. There is no substitute for a real estate professional for acquiring market information.
5. List it!
Nowadays, it is important to have an effective online presence. Most buyers begin their search online, and this trend is only growing. Your real estate agent should have the tools necessary to expose your home to a wide range of online sources.

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